Adorable video of boy with Down syndrome singing Whitney Houston

Kristine Tarbert

A video of a nine-year-old boy with Down syndrome singing his heart out to Whitney Houston has gone viral.

And we can’t stop smiling.

Since being posted last week, Dane Miller’s epic rendition of Whitney Houston’s 1993 hit ‘I Have Nothing’ from ‘The Bodyguard’ has wracked up an incredible 17 million views.

Dane’s aunt Jeanne Miller, posted the video, which was filmed during a recent family car ride, on Facebook and it’s been shared worldwide with over 20k people posting comments.

Dane Miller rocks Whitney Houston in this viral video. Photo: Facebook

“Oh my goodness I cried watching this. He is so precious! He is loving every single word of this song with his whole heart! The joy I'm sure he brings to his family,” one person wrote.

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His family, from Texas, had no idea the video would be so well received.

“Nine years ago God blessed us with this amazing child. We are so humbled and honoured that we were chosen to raise such a joyful and loving child. Here is just a little taste of what we experience everyday,” his mum Danna posted online.

Proud parents Danna and Darren can't believe the hype. Photo: Facebook

And his dad Darren said he was one ‘proud papa’.

“This kid puts his whole heart into everything he does. He brings so much joy and laughter to our home and now to so many others,” Darren wrote.

The family have since started a YouTube channel for him called ‘Amazing Dane’.


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