Airbnb hosts' worst horror stories

Bianca Soldani

Opening up your home to strangers is always going to be risky business, and for these unlucky Airbnb hosts it definitely didn’t paid off.

From awkward post-orgy stains to being robbed blind, and even coming home to a dead body; these hosts have been sharing their holiday rental regrets - and be warned, the content gets pretty gross.

You never know what you'll get when you open your house to strangers. Photo: Getty Images

This host took to Reddit to complain about guests who partied way too hard.

“They had an Indian wedding without telling us,” user mostlyemptyspace writes, “The place was trashed. They left a hot iron on the kitchen table and left a burn mark. There was pizza face down and smashed into the carpet of the kids room. Garbage in the pool. Trash all over the yard. Never again.”

Meanwhile another user had an altogether different (but just as disgusting) experience with a middle-aged couple.

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“One of my client's neighbours rented out their condo on AirBnb for a weekend. The renters were a middle aged couple, and seemed trustworthy enough,” OccasionallyWelsh says.

“Turns out they were renting the place to have a huge orgy, like 25 people. They broke almost everything in the place. Even the toilet and two sinks had to be replaced. And after they broke the toilet, they decided to just sh*t in the shower and leave it in there for the owners to clean up.”

This host came home to find their placed destroyed after an orgy. Photo: Getty Images

And then there are the cases where it’s less about what they leave behind and more about what they don’t.

“They used a fake profile and when we got back from vacation everything of value was gone,” purpleatte says, “Still trying to recover damages two months later from Airbnb.”

Unfortunately, renting out just one room rather than their whole house didn’t stop these hosts from having everything stolen from right under their noses.

“Thought we'd try Airbnb hosting, first guests were crackheads,” JasM1nge recounts, “The guy was constantly in and out of the house, found out [he and his partner] were slowly taking our belongings that weren't immediately obvious and pawning them.

“[They] invited a friend over for a few drinks, guy ended up squatting in the other room and we only found him on the last morning. Lost over a thousand dollars worth of stuff.”

Horror guests stole everything that wasn't nailed down. Photo: Getty Images

Reddit user kadidid also had a nightmare experience with their guest who kept waking them up at all hours of the night.

“We hosted a guy in our spare room who had night terrors. He would thrash and scream bloody murder in the middle of the night, and freak me and partner out so bad,” they write.

“It seriously sounded like he was being assaulted by demons -- howling, yelling, thrashing. He stayed with us a few days and would get up and leave for work really early in the morning before us so I never was able to confront him to ask ‘Uh, you know, you were screaming and thrashing last night, are you alright?’

“I also didn't feel it was right to mention it in his review -- what good would that have done? Otherwise, he seemed completely normal. Nice guy. I left him a 5-star cause that's how I roll.”

The worst-case scenario however, is getting home to find a body in your place.

“My cousin is a crime scene photographer and had to go take pictures at an Airbnb place a few weeks ago. The guy who was renting it drank himself to death, [left] a ton of empty champagne bottles everywhere (some pissed in) and he had sh*t at some point and smeared it all over the place,” taylerisgr8 says.

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