Airline’s customer service fail

Airline’s customer service fail

United Airlines mistakenly sent an automated apology letter to a customer, addressed, “Dear Mr Human”.

The letter was a response to travel reporter Chris Chmura, who missed his flight when it departed 20 minutes earlier than its scheduled time, Entrepreneur reported.

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Chmura is referred to as “Mr Human” repeatedly throughout the letter, in phrases like, “Mr Human, you have made a significant contribution to our airline, and we greatly appreciate your business”.

He tweeted a photo of the letter with the caption, “Accurate? Yes. Suspicious? Also, yes.”

According to Entrepreneur, this isn’t United’s first customer service fail.

A Reddit user posted a photo of another letter from the airline in July, in which several fields had not been filled in and were left as things like “(SPECIFICE EVENT)” and “(CUSTOMER NAME)”.