Airline slammed for offending on Twitter

Laura Begley Bloom
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Airline slammed for offending on Twitter

Malaysia Airlines just can’t seem to get it right. The troubled airline’s latest gaffe involved a tweet for a year-end promotion: “Want to go somewhere but don’t know where?”

The airline ran the post on Twitter, intending to promote special deals. But the result was an unintentional reference to Flight MH370, which vanished in March with 239 passengers and crew aboard and is still missing.

Twitter users erupted in outrage.

The airline apologised for the tweet, which it said “was intended to inspire travellers during this holiday period to explore destinations and deals.”

"Unfortunately, it unintentionally caused offence to some, and we have since removed the tweet," the airline said in a statement issued Saturday.

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This is the second recent marketing misstep for the carrier that has had two air tragedies this year — including the crash of Flight MH17, which was reportedly hit by a surface-to-air missile in Ukraine.

In September, Malaysia Airlines launched a contest called “My Ultimate Bucket List” — referring to a list that people typically make before they die. The airline immediately cancelled the contest.

You’d think the airline would have learned by now.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel