Ajay Rochester ‘Michelle Bridges is a Mean Girl’

Jennifer Fletcher
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Ajay Rochester has publicly slammed Michelle Bridges yet again!

The former Biggest Loser host told Rove & Sam on their radio show that she was “mad” at her former colleague for declaring that she's "never met a fat person that's happy" - and that’s why Ajay took to Instagram to post a picture of her butt captioning it, “Kiss my a**.”

Ajay Rochester has slammed Michelle Bridges again. Photo: Splash / Getty

“[Michelle’s comments] just made me mad, I was like shut up,” Ajay, 47, told the radio hosts.

“I was afraid of her before, but then I’ve found my voice and now I’ve found it."

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The butt picture Ajay posted to Instagram and her blog. Photo: Instagram

"Michelle is fat phobic because she probably has an eating disorder," Ajay wrote in the blog post titled, ‘Cut the crap’ yesterday.

Ajay, who has previously lost 60kg, said that Michelle and Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton would subject her to "fat jokes" every day while she worked on the show between 2007 to 2009.

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