Ajay Rochester slams 'fat phobic' Michelle Bridges!

Jennifer Fletcher
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Ajay Rochester has slammed her former Biggest Loser co-worker Michelle Bridges over her controversial comment that she's never "met someone who is morbidly obese and happy".

Ajay, 47, shared a picture of her bum on her website and captioned it, "Michelle Bridges can kiss my fat happy a**!"

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"Michelle is fat phobic because she probably has an eating disorder," Ajay wrote in the blog post titled, ‘Cut the crap’.

Ajay, who has previously lost 60kg, said that Michelle and Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton would subject her to "fat jokes" every day while she worked on the show between 2007 to 2009.

"[They] stood behind me and made fat jibes and comments a day after they had laughed and made comments about thick thighs and cankles as I walked past them out the door to an event and feeling pretty damn sexy at a healthy size 12," she wrote.

Shannan, Ajay and Michelle. Photo: AAP

Ajay says she also noticed Michelle would only eat "late at night after way too many wines and the 'freedom' of alcohol 'allowed' her to cook and eat 'without guilt'."

"So many days she would turn up to set at 4pm and boast she had done five classes and not eaten a thing like it was something she was proud of.

"I pity Michelle, I really do, because for all her millions of dollars she has acquired trying to inspire people, she has revealed the fraud that she is. She doesn't care about you – she only cares about telling you [that] you are worthless.”

Meanwhile, Ajay declares that she has been happy at her fuller size.

"I have been happy at 115kg having loads of sex and jumping from one boyfriend to another to being miserable and painfully thin, starving to keep my job and make my TV bosses happy and working out at 4am before working an 18-hour day only to go home and have water for dinner,” she added.

"Fat, thin, short, tall, we are human, with hearts that feel and skin that bleeds. How we treat others is more a testament of who we are and a faster gateway to happiness than judging the size of someone's pants."

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