Alien hunters claim ‘UFO’ crash landed in Antarctica

Allison Yee

It’s the last thing you expect to see in a ‘completely’ barren’ landscape of snow, but UFO hunters have clocked what appears to be a bizarre trail of destruction left by a mystery object.

Located on South Georgia Island, a clip posted to Youtube channel Secure Team 10 and showing Google Earth images, has examined what some think might be evidence of a UFO landing.

“[It appears] to be some sort of massive elongated or cigar shaped object, that at some point, we don’t know when, came to a screeching halt in the snow, leaving behind it almost 1000 metre-long trail,” a narrator explains.

The Google Earth images date back six years and there's speculation they show evidence of a UFO landing. Photo: Youtube/Secure Team 10

The video has been watched over 680,000 times in just a day, and is said to show imagery from 2011.

Not only is there suspicion around the trail in the ice, the video points to damage in the mountain itself.

“Leading back from the trail that this object created, moving across the snow and ice, it appears as if there’s some damage that has been done to the side of this mountain, where we can see this wave of debris extending outwards from the mountain itself," the narrator highlights.

The narrator points out the perfectly shaped 'sharp' trail indicates something more than a landslide. Photo: Youtube/Secure Team 10

Commenting on the ‘very sharp’ trail in the ice, the video attempts to silence critics who say it’s simply a landslide.

“It doesn’t look like your typical trail made by a snowball or a piece of ice, tumbling and rolling across the hillside," he says.

"This trail here is extremely sharp and almost looks like it was created by something artificial.”

Some speculate avalanche, while others claim something extraterrestrial is to blame. Photo: Youtube/Secure Team 10

With the alien hunters measuring the object at around 63 metres, there’s speculation the object came down hit the mountain – throwing off chunks of debris into the ice.

Youtube watchers were divided over what the sight was.

"To still have the track marks with the snow not yet covering...strange one... but could be anything ," wrote one.

"1st thought was a piece of mountain in the middle of a glacier; once you showed the mountain I think for sure it's avalanche/landslide material," said another.

However an expert has since explained that the mysterious visual was the result of something completely normal, and firmly on earth.

Senior lecturer in physical geography at Keele University Dr Richard Waller told the MailOnline it was the result of an avalanche.

"It looks to me as though this feature is related to a large avalanche from a nearby mountain," he said.

"Part of a hanging glacier appears to have collapsed, you can see the avalanche debris at the foot of the slope, and this could be a large block of ice that has travelled further as a consequence.

"The track shows that it's sliding over a snow-covered glacier before it comes to a rest."

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