WATCH: 'Alien' spotted on the White House in viral video

Kristine Tarbert

That's it, the proof has been found, aliens are real and they are walking the earth.

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Well at least that's what the video above, which has been doing the rounds online, seems to show.

Posted by Paranormal Elite on Youtube, the footage was supposedly shot by a tourist from China during a recent visit to Washington D.C.

Can you spot the 'alien' on the roof of the White House? Photo: Youtube

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If you look closely you'll spot a very alien-like figure wandering around on the roof of Donald Trump's White House. According to the page, the tourist swears it's a real alien caught on tape.

The video goes on to ask: "Is this a real alien caught on camera?" and "Are aliens visiting Earth?"

There appears to be an odd-looking figure wandering on the roof. Photo: Youtube

But if you're less inclined to believe that Independence Day is indeed upon us, some other internet folk have come up with a few possible explanations.

"It's some dude servicing the air conditioning units. Please ," one person commented online.

"It's actually Obama trying to figure out how to get back in the WH and oust Trump," another mused.

Thankfully it looks to be a complete fake - what? - as a Graphic Design student cleared up quick-smart.

"I did similar animations in my animation class when I was studying Graphic Design. This is a fake video and anyone with knowledge about 3D animation and digital design can do stuff like this."

Check it out above and see what you think.

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