Amazing photos of mum’s backyard birth

Kristine Tarbert

After a traumatic first birth, Texas mum Gini Rothenberger decided to do things a little bit differently for her second child.

Rather than go to a hospital for the birth, Gini chose to have a home water birth, but she did it in a pool in the middle of her backyard.

And birth photographer Callynth captured it all in the most emotional photos.

“I loved this birth,” the photographer tells Be.

Gini asked to move the birthing pool into her backyard. Photo: Callynth Photography

Gini decided on the non-traditional birthplace after having a bad experience delivering her first-born in the hospital.

"When I was pregnant with my first child, we did all the 'normal' preparations, went to the birth classes at the hospital, read What to Expect When You're Expecting, and followed along with all of the doctor's orders," Gini told CafeMom.

"We had no idea going into the hospital that we were completely unprepared to be treated like a number.”

Gini said her first birth was traumatic. Photo: Callynth Photography

When she then fell pregnant again the following year, Gini asked her midwife about doing the birth at home.

"I asked my midwife what she thought of putting the birth pool outside. I thought she would give me a firm 'NO!' but instead, she was excited!" Gini explained.

She said this birth was much more intense but relaxed. Photo: Callynth Photography

When the contractions started, Gini set herself up in a pool in her backyard, letting the water soothe her body.

"I watched the sunset and the deer graze in the field between [contractions] and I had a conversation with our Heavenly Father,” she said.

“It was the most intimate peaceful moments when I realised this birth was going to be different.”

She was able to enjoy the peace under the stars in between contractions. Photo: Callynth Photography

While she never imagined wanting photos of herself during labour and birth, her midwife suggested having a birth photographer present.

The strength and calm captured during Gini’s birth are breath-taking.

'The memories are unforgettable.' Photo: Callynth Photography
Even baby was so relaxed she didn't even cry. Photo: Callynth Photography

“The photos we have of these moments are priceless,” Gini said.

“The memories are unforgettable. Our outlook on life and birth are now so very different from the fearful mind set we started with six years ago.”

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