Amazon delivery man's shameful parcel fail

Eliza Velk

An Amazon delivery driver has been caught out being completely reckless with a customer's parcel and he doesn't care one bit.

The footage, captured on a home, outdoor security camera, shows the delivery man walking up the drive way towards the double story house.

Rather than doing his job properly, by taking the parcel up the stairs to the front door, he decided to take the lazy route and throw it over the balcony railing.

Rather than walking up the stairs, this delivery guy decided to throw the parcel over the balcony railing. Source: Youtube / Artem Russakovskii

After his first attempt failed completely, hitting the railing with a thud and bouncing back down, he picked it up and threw it again - this time making it over the railing.

Never mind fragile items, to the driver, this was good enough.

He proceeded to throw the parcel for a second time. Source: Youtube / Artem Russakovskii

Fair to say, the owners weren't happy about the service they'd received when they busted the delivery man in the midst of his shameful act.

"Hey Amazon, this is how your last mile delivery driver delivered my package today. Are you kidding me?" the owner of the parcel said aiming the complaint at Amazon.

Not only was the delivery guy caught on camera, but the owner's wife actually witnessed the incident and confronted him.

And he absolutely couldn't care less.

"My wife was in the car and watched the whole thing," the owner said.

"When he was walking back, she asked him 'Really?"

"He said, 'Yup' and walked away."

Judging from his response, this guy clearly doesn't care about his job.

People are now calling on Amazon to pick up their standards and review who they employ as their delivery drivers.

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