America’s Got Talent flaming arrow stunt goes horribly wrong

An episode of America's Got Talent took a horrifying turn when one of the contestants was accidentally shot in the neck with a flaming arrow.

Ryan Stock and his fiancé Amberlynn Walker left the judges and fans in shock when they performed the trick on the latest episode of the American talent show.

During the couple's performance, Ryan put a long rod which had a target on it down his throat. Yep, we're squirming already.

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Ryan Stock can be seen putting a long rod down his throat. Source: America's Got Talent, NBC.

He leaned forward as his assistant prepared to fire a flaming arrow from a crossbow.

Amberlynn lines up her shot. Source: America's Got Talent, NBC.

When she fired, the flaming arrow missed the mark, instead hitting him in the neck.

The dramatic moment the arrow hurtles towards Ryan. Source: America's Got Talent, NBC.

The contestant, who is known for performing death-defying stunts with drills and chainsaws, at first seemed shaken and struggled to breathe.

The contestant appeared to be struggling to breathe after he was hit. Source: America's Got Talent, NBC.

But he then literally brushed himself off before telling the stunned judges that he was ok.

The judges were completely shocked. Source: America's Got Talent, NBC.

"I'm ok, I'm ok, it just caught my shirt," he said.

Mortified, judge Howie Mandel responded: "No, no, no, you are not ok."

Judge Howie Mandel responded:

While Ryan tried to convince him he was, Howie urged the contestant to see the show’s emergency medical technician. But Ryan said he wasn't in pain, and had no plans to seek help.

"You know we have to be responsible here. You are a hurt. And I think what you did was wonderful and you did it to win this.

"I think you deserve votes. I think the fact that you're willing to do this, we've got to vote for you, but the audience just saw what could happen (and) I hate that I saw what could happen."

Following the performance, the contestant told his fans on social media that he was doing fine.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their shock.

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