Andrew Garfield got high at Disneyland

Aletha Wilkinson

Most of us would be pretty happy just to get to Disneyland for the day, but when Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone went in 2012, they decided the outing needed a little something extra.

Andrew has admitted the pair, along with six of their mates, ate some marijuana-laced pot brownies before their trip into Mickey's playground.

This pic right here? Yeah, they were stoned. Source: Splash

In an interview with W magazine, Andrew goes into hilarious detail about the ins and outs of their day trip.

No wonder he looks so happy. Source: Getty

"They came out to L.A. to surprise me," Andrew said in the video. "We went to Disneyland. We ate pot brownies. It was literally heaven. How about Space Mountain three times in a row?

"I freaked out on It’s a Small World. I was like, ‘It is a f***ing small world.’"

Andrew and Emma are keeping their heads down now. Source: Getty

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