What happened to Andy Lee's face?

Emma Shepherd

Radio host and comedian Andy Lee made an appearance on Channel Nine’s Today show alongside his friend and co-host Hamish Blake on Tuesday morning.

However something was a little off with his appearance.

It was a pimple on his nose that made him decide to get a fake nose. Source: Channel 9

The 36-year-old wore a prosthetic nose as he and Andy were advertising their new men’s fragrance called Andy - by Hamish.

He looked unrecognisable as he rocked his prosthetic nose. Source: Channel 9

“Have you noticed something different about my head,” Andy joked to show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson.

“Your eyes are different?” Lisa laughed.

“I’ve had a hair cut recently and it’s a lot shorter than usual," he replied.

With all jokes aside the boys confessed that it was in fact a pimple on the end of Andy’s nose that prompted him to get a fake nose.

The boys posted this to their Instagram page. Source: Channel 9

“I got a pimple yesterday on my nose and Hamish said the safest thing is to wear a fake nose. We can’t have the ambassador coming out with a pimple on their nose.”

“It looks like the coke sign in King's Cross Hamish joked.

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The two boys also took to their social media to poke fun at the nose, with a snap of Andy trying to drink a glass of water and the caption, “The nose is dealing with real world hurdles well".

Hamish also joked on the Today show: “It's the world's first celebrity fragrance made without permission, I signed the deal with Chemist Warehouse behind Andy's back".

You can always count on these two boys to bring the laughs!

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