Meet the couple teaching Aussies how to be polyamorous

Kristine Tarbert

Angela and Bradford Atom have swapped traditional monogamy for a successful open relationship, and now they’re teaching Aussies how to do the same.

The Sydney couple, originally from North Carolina, had both come out of marriages when they first met and decided they didn’t want to go back to having a ‘normal’ relationship.

The pair were very open and honest about wanting to see other people from the get go and they’ve now been married for three and a half years.

Angela and Bradford are in an open relationship. Photo: Twitter

"Having both come from long-term monogamous relationships we didn’t want to limit our sexual or life experiences," Bradford tells Be.

"We also knew that monogamy wasn’t for us. In our relationship, we never have to worry if the grass is greener on the other side."

When things started to get serious between the two they made it know to each other that they wanted to see other people, which has evolved into them seeing other couples together.

Polyamory is the practice of or desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the knowledge of all partners, while polygamy is having multiple wives and illegal in Australia.

Angela and Bradford are both bisexual and moved to Australia when he was offered a new job. It was the perfect opportunity for them both to start over.

The couple have been married for three and a half years. Photo: Twitter

They are even honest with their family and friends, who know how their relationship works.

While they would not go back to a monogamous relationship, both admit jealousy does come into play sometimes.

"One of the ways we beat jealousy, is by having an open line of communication," he tells us. "We talk about everything we do with other partners."

"When couples aren’t open and honest about what they do that can let doubt and uncertainty creep in. These feelings lead to jealousy. By discussing everything, we prevent our imaginations running wild and keep jealousy at bay."

Angela says they tend to see other couples together. Photo: Twitter

While every open relationship is different, Angela and Bradford tend to see other couples together and it works.

“There are times when we see people separately, which we talk about in depth,” Angela told

“This is much more than just sex. Sometimes we have sex sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we might just have a drink with someone, or go to dinner.”

They now run sex ed classes for others. Photo: Twitter

To help teach other couples and singles everything they’ve wanted to know about sex or swinging but aren’t comfortable to ask, the pair now run adult sexual education classes on top of full time jobs.

They say couples just need to have the courage to start the conversation with each other. As such the pair launched By the Bi 18 months ago to with classes once a month run from a club in Sydney called Our Secret Spot.

"Couples often find these classes as great conversation starters," Bradford tells us.

"Another option is to listen to podcasts together on the subject matter. Our most recent release (15 November) is on first time advice for couples going to a swinger’s club."

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