Angus Stone blew $20k on a smoothie and sushi binge

Liz Tse
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While some rock stars spend their money on fast cars or fancy watches (so we're told), Angus Stone has gone and done something that can only be described at "so Angus Stone" and dropped $20, 000 on organic smoothies.


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Angus Stone. Photo: Getty Images.

The Aussie indie singer was making music with legendary producer Rick Rubin in California and managed to rack up the huge bill during that SINGLE RECORDING SESSION.

"We had a $20,000 sushi and organic smoothies bill," he said in an interview with Fairfax. Casual.

"Our manager was like, 'Hang on …' and we were like, 'Oh, we just thought that was on the house!' Being with Rick, it was really luxurious – you had people doing everything for you. It was pretty much like living in a manor with servants."

The 30-year-old spoke about his new music venture, Dope Lemon, a psychedelic rock band which Angus describes as "good vibes only".

"We like to make music out of lemons, and we've got a bit of dope in all of us," he explained.

Whatever floats your boat...

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