Twins try to scoff 20K calories in 24 hours

Bianca Soldani

Who hasn’t had a weekend where they’ve thrown any semblance of healthy eating out the window and just binged on party food and takeaway?

Even the most healthy amongst us are guilty of it every now and again, but YouTube stars Anna and Lucy Decinque recently took things to the next level when they tried to cram five days worth of calories into one junk food-packed 24hrs.

If you don’t already know them, Anna and Lucy claim to be ‘Australia’s most identical twins’ after undergoing multiple surgeries to look more alike. They also share a boyfriend and spend every moment together to ensure they eat exactly the same things to maintain the same weight.

So unsurprisingly, the twins were set on chomping down on the identical amount of calories each as they tried to get to 20K between them.

The twins ate five times the recommended daily amount of calories. Photo: YouTube

Kicking things off on a Saturday night, they scoffed down two full Hawaiian pizzas from Dominoes which they washed down with a half dozen Krispy Kreme donuts each.

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The average recommended daily intake of calories for women looking to maintain their weight is 2K a day, so to get to 20K over one weekend, they had to seriously up their game.

Could you eat all this and more in just 24 hours? Photo: YouTube

A tub of ice-cream, packet of chips, large cup of noodles and packet of Starburst finished off their first night. And as if that wasn’t enough to make any sane person spew, they backed it up the next morning with a massive bag of KFC treats, a packet of Tim tams and MnMs.

It really was quite a mouthful, check out the video above.

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