Anna Heinrich hits back at photoshopping claims

Kristine Tarbert

She was seen looking glam at Derby Day, but Anna Heinrich has been forced to explain to fans why one of her race day shots looked photoshopped.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that something was amiss in a shot the former Bachelor babe, questioning why her bag strap seemed to disappear into her shoulder and accusing her of photoshopping.

However Anna has cleared up any confusion, taking to Instagram to explain that it was just a perception mishap.

Anna has explained why fans thought this image was photoshopped. Source: Instagram
The former reality star agreed something looked amiss. Source: Instagram

"I've read a bunch of reports that questions whether this image was photoshopped around the bag strap..." Anna wrote on her Instagram stories, including the offending photo.

"I agree, it does look weird. My iPhone seems to be playing tricks on us... trippy. Confirming - no photoshopping!" She added, alongside a short clip of her twirling around in the same snap that showed the strap well and truly visible.

Over the weekend fans were left wondering whether the socialite has used photoshop to edit her already glamorous photo.

But confirmed that there was no photoshopping going on. Source: Instagram

Looking closely, fans noticed the chain strap of her handbag strangely disappearing on Anna’s shoulder.

“Check out the handbag strap [sic] so disappointed she photoshops her pic...,” on person wrote in the comments.

“Lost her strap,” another added.

Eagle-eyed followers pointed out the missing strap. Photo: Instagram

As the comments flowed Anna eventually jumped online and responded, denying she had used photoshop – ‘Saw that, didn’t do that,” she wrote.

Anna attended Derby Day with fiancé Tim Robards and looked stunning in her Atoir jumpsuit.

The strap is firming in place in this snap with fiancé Tim Robards. Photo: Instagra
Anna Heinrich has been accused of photoshopping her pic. Photo: Instagram

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