How to get Anne Hathaway's Oscars 2013 pixie cut

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Anne Hathaway is working with a short pixie crop that she's growing out. Here's how to get her Oscars look.


Step 1: To create a richness in brown hair, look at going a dark violet tone from O&M's Liquid CCT range. This would create interest and texture in the hair.
Step 2: Red carpet hair can always do with more shine. Place a clear gloss throughout the hair. This will help hold a blow-dry, build up volume in the hair but, also create light reflecting properties.
Step 3: A moisture treatment O&M's Seven Day Miracle will help keep the hair not only looking good but, but also feeling the best it possibly can.

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Step 1: To control the amount of body that you get with short hair, its important to start off with a nourishing product before you blow-dry such as O&M's Style Guru. This will control body to the blow-out.
Step 2: Finish stretching the hair by layering O&M's Atonic thickening spritz. Use a natural bristle brush to help keep the cuticles smooth.
Step 3: Re-spritz the hair with Atonic, which has a heat protection factor before flat ironing the hair smooth to help with any extra body and/or fly-aways that can be challenging with short hair.

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