Anti-vaxxer mum’s rage after daughter’s secret vaccination

Allison Yee

It’s the controversial topic that can cause debate and divide, and one anti-vaxxer mum has taken to social media to rant after she found out her daughter had been secretly vaccinated.

In a Facebook post that was written last December but has gone viral again on sharing forum Reddit, the unidentified woman was left fuming after finding out from her teen daughter what had happened.

“I apologise in advance,” the mum wrote. “I need a place to vent. I just saw my daughter’s after visit summary from the doctor.

The mum was left furious when her 19-year-old daughter was vaccinated without her knowledge. Photo: Getty

“She is 19. She can make her own decisions. I realise that. Yet I am so incredibly disappointed right now. Six vaccines after everything I’ve tried to teach her.”

In screenshots posted to Reddit, the mum reveals her daughter made the appointment without her knowledge, and after having vaccinations - including the 'Gardasil shot for HPV and another against meningococcal' - had no intention of telling her mum.

The post has since attracted a hundred comments on Reddit, with some supporting the daughter’s choice in doing what she wants.

After taking to Facebook last year, the mum's rant has gone viral again. Photo: Reddit

“The overreaction to the vaccination is benefit enough in itself, let alone the health benefits,” wrote one. “Warms my heart to see an unprotected child survive to adulthood and get her vaccines."

“This makes me so furious,” added another. “Sometimes teenagers do thing like drugs or alcohol to rebel. This poor girl just doesn’t want to die of preventable diseases and her mum is losing her s**t.”

'It is so hard when they go their own way,' the mum wrote of her daughter's decision. Photo: Getty

There were others that sympathised with the mum.

“There are so many things we can teach but then there comes the time when they grow up and don’t understand why we did what we did. Prayers to you,” wrote one.

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