Are curvier women better in bed?


Extra pounds do not keep men from asking women out and 54 percent of men say heavier women are better in bed, a poll conducted by dating Web sites indicated.

Dating sites, and polled thousands of members during July and August to see what they think about dating overweight men or women.

Eighty-five percent of men agreed with the statement, "A couple of extra pounds are fine by me," while 80 percent of men say overweight women are less bitchy than thin women.

Almost 70 percent of the men say what matters is what's on the inside, not on the outside.

However, 90 percent of women think men find extra weight unattractive and that heavy women have a much harder time dating. Seventy-four percent say they prefer health conscious men.

"These poll results show such a significant discrepancy in the way men feel about dating overweight women, and what women think men are looking for when it comes to relationships," Shira Zwebner, relationship adviser for, and, says in a statement. "Unfortunately, these types of misconceptions between the sexes are extremely common, and result in a lot of missed dating and relationship opportunities."

What does your man think? What do you think? Is curvier better than skinny?

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