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Just two weeks after the comedian proclaimed that he had a "massive crush" on the Spice Girl, they have been photographed spending time together in London.

Geri Halliwell and Russell Brand. Credit: Getty Images

According to reports, Brand and Halliwell brought her 6-year-old daughter, Bluebell, on a tour of Hampton Court Palace over the weekend. Two photos show the reported "new couple" together with Brand in a leather jacket and Halliwell in a floral-print dress. An eyewitness who saw them touring the palace told the British paper The Sun, "I thought it was the most random thing ever to see Russell Brand of all people in a place like that – until my wife pointed out he was with a Spice Girl. They seemed like they were having a really great time, holding hands and chatting. It was 100 percent obvious they were a couple."

There have been other sightings of Brand, 37, and Halliwell, 40, as well, including some on Twitter. Days after the Olympics closing ceremony, in which they both participated, British screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine tweeted, "Just jogged past a very tall Russell Brand and a very short Geri Halliwell."

Russell Brand with the Spice Girls at the London Olympics closing ceremony. Credit: Twitter

Although Brand and Halliwell have known each other for several years – he was photographed with the Spice Girls in 2007 – they reconnected at the Olympics. After the show, which featured Brand channeling Willy Wonka and the Spice Girls back together for the first time in four years, Brand openly gushed about Halliwell to reporters. "I've got Spice Girls mania all over again now, it's like going back to 1996," the 'Brand X With Russell Brand' star said. "I've got a massive crush on Geri Halliwell, too, so everything in the world was as it should be."

When he was asked to elaborate on his thoughts about the British pop band, he again called out Halliwell specifically, saying, "The girls were absolutely lovely – I love Geri, and Victoria was really nice, too. She's actually a lot of fun." He also posed with the Spice Girls, standing next to Halliwell while wearing his Willy Wonka hat from the show.

Halliwell seems to be a good match for Brand in at least one area – family. After Brand ended his marriage to Katy Perry – their divorce was final in July – he told Howard Stern that they disagreed on the right time to start a family, noting, "I was really into the idea of marriage and having children." Meanwhile, 40-year-old Halliwell is a single mother, becoming pregnant after a brief relationship with British screenwriter Sacha Gervasi. She recently told Hello! Magazine, "I was a late starter on the romantic front. I didn't start dating until I was in my 30s. ... I quite like having somebody to cuddle. I like that intimacy."

Earlier this summer, Brand was dating Bella Brewster, the younger sister of 'Dallas' star Jordana Brewster. Meanwhile, his ex-wife Perry is dealing with a split of her own. After quietly dating notorious heartbreaker John Mayer this summer, he ended the relationship and Us Weekly reports that the 'Firework' singer was "hurt". But Perry looked to be having a grand old time while visiting the "Happiest place on Earth" over the weekend: Disneyland.

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