Are we really this lazy? Hotel reveals emoji room service

Brittany Jones-Cooper

Welcome to the future - where hotel guests no longer need to pick up the phone to order room service.

Once again, Aloft Hotels has come up with an amazing idea that encourages absolute laziness. First, they introduced us to keyless room entry. Then they unveiled their robot butler. But now, well, they’ve outdone themselves.

The tech-savvy hotel has been testing out their “Emoji Room Service Menu” at the Aloft in New York’s financial district. The service allows guests to order items directly from the front desk just by texting emojis.

Here’s how it works:

When you check-in, the person at the front desk gives you the emoji room service menu.

No need to dial, you can order all of these items just by texting on your smartphone. Photo: Aloft

There are six options to choose from, including a hangover kit, a phone charger for android or iphones, toiletries, and even a sightseeing pack that comes with a metrocard and city map.

One you make a selection, you simply text the appropriate emoji’s to the number provided.

Down at the front desk, an Aloft employee will reply back that your item is on the way and prepare your goodie bag. And moments later you can expect a knock on the door.

The emoji room service is currently only available at the Aloft in downtown Manhattan, but lets hope the trend catches on at their other locations around the world.

That would make this frequent traveller very happy.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.