Are you part of the 1% who can find the assassin?

Legend has it that only one per cent of the population can spot the sneaky assassin hidden in this mind-boggling vintage puzzle.

The illustration has been creating a sensation around the internet and most people can't solve it.

The puzzle, titled "The Duel", was posted online by Content Creation Studios and asks people to find the "adversary" hidden in the brainteaser.

Where is the sneaky adversary?

According to the website, if you find the assassin, you're in the top one per cent of the population who can.

Most eyes dart straight toward the man who is clearly pointing a gun into the distance, whereas others may look to the group standing by and chatting wearing dark clothing.

Here's a hint for those who would be shot if it were real - He is wearing a white suit, not black.

Still can't get it?

Look out - There's a gun!

Last year was a bumper season for tricky puzzles.

There was the hidden robot in the toy factory, the owl sneakily blending in with the reindeer and lets not forget the [your name|] hidden in the puzzle.

Can you find your name in this brainteaser? Photo: Try Life

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Here is a third mind-boggling picture of six women sitting on a couch send internet users crazy.

Reddit user jr0d7771 posted the snap under the headline “Find the middle girls legs”, and it’s true, take a close look and the smiling girl seated smack bang in the middle of the couch appears to be legless.

Here’s a hint for those who don’t know where to look.

Can you see the girl's missing legs? Photo: Reddit
Reddit users have speculated about whose legs belong to who. Photo: Reddit

The riddle left Reddit commenters scratching their heads, with one user writing: “The second girls legs are behind first girls legs. I think.”

It’s a theory others have agreed with. What do you think?

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