Ashley Graham convinces herself to love her body

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The 29-year-old American model - who became the first plus-size model to grace the cover of *Sports Illustrated__s Swimsuit Issue earlier this year for their Curves In Bikinis campaign - has admitted she has days where she is "obsessed" with her "fat roll" but has moments where she thinks she could look better.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine about her body shape and her insecurities, the brunette beauty - who recently walked the catwalk for Christian Siriano x Lane Bryant in New York - said, "I'm faking sometimes that I'm obsessed with that fat roll or that I'm loving the dimple in my butt, because I don't always love it.

Plus size model Ashley Graham says she has her days where she loves and hates her body. Photo: Getty Images

"There's been so many times where I have felt heavy, I have felt fat or I felt like 'Oh my god, I could look so much better.'

"I'm like, 'You know what sister? You look good. You look hot. You look sexy. And I've faked it until I made it and now I can grab onto certain things and be like you know what, I love you."

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And the star - who is married to Justin Ervin - has revealed there was a time she considered making herself vomit in order to lose weight.

Speaking previously, she said, "I had an agent actually wave money in my face and say, 'If you lose some weight, you can get a lot more of these. Put that Snickers bar down, honey.' I tried not to eat for a few days, but that didn't work. I have never actually stuck my finger down my throat. But I thought about it."

Graham has thought about throwing up to lose weight. Photo: Getty Images

Ashley - who has designed a clothing line for DressBarn - has revealed she received no guidance during her journey into the fashion industry.

She explained, "There's never been anything to prepare me for where I am today.

"I've never had media training. I have never taken an acting class."