Bikini model slammed over fitness show for kids as young as 12-months

Sarah Carty

Fitness blogger and mum-of-one Ashy Bines has come under fire for trying to teach toddlers the importance of squats and drinking water.

The 29-year-old founder of the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge, has come up against backlash after announcing an event about health and nutrition aimed at children as young as 12-months.

‘Ashy and Friends’ is described as a edu-tainment show by the blogger, who says it’s great for kids from the ages of one-years-old to six-years-old.

After buying tickets to the show, the ticketholders will be sent a cartoon series of Ashy and her friends flying around the world to invite their friends to a party.

Fitness blogger Ashy Bines has faced backlash over her new event. Photo: Instagram/Ashy Bines
Ashy & Friends is a show and cartoon series aimed at kids between the ages of 1 and 6. Photo:

During the cartoon series, they’ll learn about ‘geography, language, music, nutrition and fitness’ so the fun can begin for them long before they attend the show.

“It is a highly interactive experience and will have your child singing, dancing, exercising and smiling from ear to ear,” the website reads.

However, now experts are claiming it’s up to parents to decide what children that young should be eating, as they are too young to decide for themselves.

The ‘Ashy and Friends’ show is described online as an education show that includes singing, dancing, fitness and information on health for kids.

There are currently four teaser episodes of the cartoon show on Ashy’s blog account, with each one having a different theme.

However, not everyone is happy with the age group Ashy is targeting in the show. Photo: Instagram/Ashy Bines

The first teaches children the ‘benefits of water, eating healthy food, and only having sweet drinks as “sometimes” treats’.

Episode two sees the kids learn some more about fitness and how to do squats.

Episode three helps ‘teach fussy eaters how to try new foods’ and episode four is all about salsa dancing and learning a ‘fun handclap’.

However, not everyone is happy with the age group Ashy is targeting in the show.

"I would have thought at a young age, for kids, food is about energy in order for them to live their lives - to fuel their little bodies and to fuel their growth,” Christine Morgan, CEO of The Butterfly Foundation told Kidspot.

There are currently four teaser episodes of the show on Ashy’s blog account, with each one having a different theme on health and fitness. Photo: Instagram/Ashy Bines

“They have got no capacity to understand macro-nutrients or micro-nutrients.

“That's what parents are there for and for parents to make healthy food choices for them and for parents to encourage them to play outside for healthy exercise”

However, Ashy seems to be thrilled with the event, with her website claiming a show like this is long overdue.

"FINAAAALLY an EVENT that promotes health and happiness to your kids at the same time as making them laugh, dance, sing and SMILE!," it reads.

"Our society is becoming less active, less healthy and more overweight every year.

"More than ever it is CRITICAL to inspire a love of health and fitness in our children."

According to the We are Gold Coast website, tickets for the show cost $37.

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