How the New Moon in Leo will affect you this month

Yasmin Boland

This month the New Moon takes place in the magnificent sign of Leo. But even if you're any sign but Leo, it affects you!

Why? Because the New Moon is the time for making wishes.

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Here are the August New Moon times around the world.

SYDNEY: August 3, 6.44am
LONDON: August 2, 9.44pm
NEW YORK: August 2, 4.44pm
AUCKLAND: August 3, 8.44am
PARIS: August 2, 10.44pm

This month I wanted to share some info with you about the practice of New Moon wishing and intention setting.

The first thing to know: your wishes can be as wild as you like – if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

But in any case, I find that it helps to take baby steps towards them.

For example, during my New Moon wishing and intention-setting workshops, I invite participants to share their wishes with the group, and occasionally someone who doesn’t yet have a job will write: ‘I wish to own a house’, or ‘I wish to win the lottery.’

Now in the first example, my advice to the participant would be: ‘First wish to find a job, so you can earn the money to buy a house.’ And in the second example, I’d say: ‘Well, you can wish to win the lottery, but I believe that in the back of your mind, you doubt that it will happen, as you know the odds are totally stacked against you.

To put it another way, your odds of finding a job are much, much better. Having said that, you could always wish to find a job and to win the lottery!’

This month's New Moon takes place in the sign of Leo. Be bold! Commit to shaking what your Mama gave you! Be confident about reaching your dreams...

Also love thyself! Pay something forward. Be giving. Open your heart. Leos get a lot of stick for boasting about themselves, but do you know what I say?

Good on them. One of the most important things we can do for our wellbeing is to love ourselves.

Use the power of this month’s New Moon to get back in touch with what’s so great about you. This doesn’t have to be about arrogance.

It’s about self-love, and love is never arrogant. Work on your confidence and your leadership skills.

And then spoil someone you love. Indulge. Live a little! Leo is represented by the bright, hot Sun.

When the New Moon is in Leo, it’s time to walk your walk, talk your talk, shake your shimmy and generally remember that you’re a hot little number with a lot to offer the world. There are no prizes for hiding your light under a bushel, right

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