Aussie company launches helicopter pub crawl

Erin Van Der Meer

In sparsely populated regions of rural Australia, the only kind of pub crawl you’ll be doing is walking on your hands and knees across the bar floor when you’ve had too much to drink. But an innovative Aussie company has recently changed that.

Pterodactyl Helicopters has launched a pub crawl chopper experience in Queensland, taking guests on a tour of remote country pubs and breweries spread across the south-east of the state. Over the course of approximately seven hours, you’ll be flown between five different pubs and microbreweries, seeing the region’s natural beauty from the air on the way.

That's one way to travel! Photo: Getty

It’s a rare opportunity to visit some historic regional pubs, like the Dugandan hotel in the town of Boonah, 100 kilometres south-east of Brisbane, which is one of the oldest in southeast Queensland. Or the Royal Hotel Harrisville, which is more than 150 years old and rumoured to be haunted.

If microbreweries are more your thing, Pterodactyl Helicopters can plan a custom itinerary focused on those, such as The Scenic Rim Brewery in Mount Alford, about 120 kilometres west of the Gold Coast. In fact, the tour can be tailored to include anything you’d like to see (within reason) like the Great Barrier Reef. Lunch at a gastro-pub is included.

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A helicopter full of drunk people would not be much fun for the pilot, so Pterodactyl has a strict rule of one drink per pub, per person. Safety first, you booze hounds.

But it’s not all about the beer. As you rise up to 5,000 feet on the flights hopping between drinking sessions, you’ll enjoy views of the region’s stunning scenery, including the Scenic Rim, Tamborine Mountain and the Lockyer Valley.

They're remote, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go. Photo: Getty

Beer and sunburnt country – it really doesn’t get much more Aussie than that.

The country pub helicopter tour can be booked for a minimum of two, maximum of six passengers. Prices start at around AUD $940 per person, depending on the location you get picked up from. For more visit [|Pterodactyl Helicopters.]

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