Aussie men wearing platform shoes to look taller

Allison Yee

Simon Cowell wears pairs, Mick Jagger kicks up his heels in them and Tom Cruise is meant to be a long time fan, too.

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Now Aussie men are getting the chance to hoick up their height thanks to a trend for ‘elevator shoes’ aka shoes with lifts in them.

They're a Hollywood staple - but now regular shoppers can get shoes with lifts too. Photo: Taller Shoes

Helping wearers add an extra five to 10 centimetres to their height, the Taller Shoes brand is the brainchild of Melbourne creator, Jennen Ngiau-Keng.

The professional violinist started the brand after noticing the height difference between men and women wearing high heels while he was performing onstage.

Robert Downey Jnr is one celeb who's said to wear shoe lifts. Photo: Getty

“I want to provide men with the opportunity to feel more confident about purchasing a pair of good quality, fashionable shoes that don’t break the bank, and have an added bonus,” said Jennen.

The company now boasts to helping 30,000 men feel taller – and we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before more males are rocking the lifts.

One Aussie company is helping thousands of men feel taller. Photo: Taller Shoes

“My confidence has sky-rocketed and my friends are noticing the difference in me,” said one customer Walter Coruzzi of his shoes.

“Thanks to the designers for the quality leather shoes with the much needed height I wanted.”

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