Aussie mum drops 83kg with one easy diet trick

Allison Yee

A love of carbs and being self-conscious about her body saw South Australian mum Sarah Wolter struggle with her weight and balloon out to 166 kilograms at her heaviest.

But looking at the 48-year-old’s figure now, that’s clearly a distant memory as Sarah shows off an incredible 83 kilogram weight loss.

After realising she had to do something two years ago, Sarah decided to follow a structured diet - and credits one crucial trick to helping achieve her goal weight.

Sarah has shed over 80kg in two years. Photo: Instagram

“I ate a lot of high-carb foods, so lots of bread and butter,” Sarah told Sunrise.

“One of my worst habits was snacking between meals, lots of chips, crackers and cheese and that sort of thing.'

Sarah turned to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet for help, which endorses high protein consumption with 25 grams in every meal.

It’s something experts say most people neglect in their diet.

Sarah admits she finds old photos 'confronting' but shares them in order to inspire others. Photo: Instagram

“Normally we have the least amount of protein at breakfast, about 11 grams and we should be aiming for 25 grams [at lunch and breakfast],” Professor Manny Noakes from CSIRO told Sunrise.

For Sarah, who now shares photos of her working out and proudly showing off her healthy meal prep, it’s a huge change from the person she used to be.

Sarah is all about the healthy meal prep these days. Photo: Instagram

“Having been overweight my whole life and morbidly obese in 2015, to see how hard I have worked to transform my poor neglected and mistreated body and make it strong and healthy is overwhelming and very emotional,” she revealed on Instagram.

If you're looking to follow in Sarah’s footsteps and up the protein in you diet, experts recommend lean meat, chicken and fish, as well as eggs, tofu, legumes and milk for non-meat eaters.

Sarah also followed a dedicated exercise regime to get in shape. Photo: Instagram

With Sarah finally reaching her goal weight last September but committed to continuing her fitness journey, changing her diet has completely altered her outlook on life.

“I never imagined I lose anywhere near what I have,” she revealed on Sunrise.

“Before losing the weight, I didn't do any exercise, and was more of the person sitting back watching rather than participating.

“Now, exercise is my life.”

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