Aussie mum captures ‘UFO’ on Sunshine Coast

Allison Yee

A peaceful evening walk on the beach with her son turned into a bizarre encounter for Sunshine Coast mum Lauren Kurth, when the sky watcher clocked suspicious lights in the sky above them.

Lauren posted a video of the spooky sight, revealing the lights didn’t look like normal night sky activity.

“It’s really strange, it looks like light coming out of a cave,” she says in the video.

Lauren claims she spotted a UFO during a walk with her son. Photo: Facebook/LaurenKurth

“There’s nothing up there.”

Intrigued by the sight, the mum and son duo began following the lights as they made their way across the sky.

"Observe closely, two triangles flying up the mountain from the light to the right-hand side very quickly... in the first eight seconds,” the Sunshine Coast Daily reports Lauren saying.

The mum is a keen UFO enthusiast. Photo: Facebook/LaurenKurth

"We drove as close as we could.”

It’s something the Aussie mum is clearly hugely interested in, with Lauren running UFO enthusiast running the Quantum Contact Skywatch UFO & ET experiences Facebook page.

And the area appears to be an unlikely hotbed of extraterrestrial activity, with on astronomer revealing to the Sunshine Coast Daily that he gets half a dozen calls every year reporting alien sightings.

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