Aussie mum forced into a birth she didn't want

Allison Yee

It’s one of those things that often doesn’t quite go to plan, but one Aussie mum has spoken out about her labour, urging other woman to be vocal in what they want after she was pushed into a birth she hated.

Blogger and mum-of-four Stevie Niki shared her experience on Instagram, revealing how the arrival of her daughter was ruined because of what happened in the birthing suite.

“As magic & as amazing as child birth is, it isn’t always a good experience,” Stevie wrote on a post last November, which has since gone viral again.

Mum-of-four Stevie has opened up about her traumatic birth experience. Photo: Instagram/mytribeofsix

“I couldn’t even hold her or look at her after she was born - not straight away. Not because of her, but because of me, what I just went through & the pain I was still in.”

Stevie has called out medical staff who don't listen to mums-to-be, saying she begged for an epidural, but instead was left so traumatised she didn’t even want to hold her newborn.

After having four kids, Stevie insists midwives are amazing, but she didn't feel supported at all with this particular birth. Photo: Instagram/mytribeofsix

“My experience was awful - the midwife ignored my requests for the epidural [saying], ‘You don’t need that, you’ve done this before’,” she wrote.

The blogger is known for her brutally honest accounts of parenting. Photo: Instagram/mytribeofsix

“I was told to be quiet, every scream I let out. When I finally gave birth, right there in the shower, after what felt like forever.

“They told me to look & to hold her but I couldn’t. I couldn't turn around, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t open my eyes. The pain was immense, I felt paralysed on all fours, where I didn’t want to be & still labouring the placenta - which by the way, hurt just as bloody much.”

For Stevie, it’s still an experience she feels angry about, and worst of all, guilt.

Admitting she hasn’t forgiven herself for not being the first person to hold her daughter, she’s urged other mums not to be ‘ignored and dismissed’ like she was.

The My Tribe of Six blogger shared a photo of her finally holding her newborn, saying no matter what experience they go through, the joy of welcoming a baby is the most important thing.

Stevie shared her experience alongside the first snap of her holding her bub. Photo: Instagram/mytribeofsix

“I just wanted to share that births don’t always go as planned & although this wasn’t due to medical reasons, but more so someone pushing their idea of how to birth onto me - its ok,” she wrote.

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