Aussie twins' surgery regret

Aletha Wilkinson

Ana and Luce DeCinque have spent every waking – and sleeping – moment of their lives together, with most of that time devoted to obsessing over their appearance and having a series of cosmetic procedures done.

Now, though, after starting a course of antidepressants, the 31-year-olds are beginning to wish they'd never embarked on their journey of reinvention, with the women telling New Idea they should never have meddled with their looks.

Anna and Lucy wish they'd left well enough alone. Source: Instagram/annalucydecinque

"We're a bit ashamed of what we did to ourselves," Lucy told the magazine.

Anna and Lucy looked dramatically different before their cosmetic procedures. Source: Supplied
The girls were adorable as children. Source: Supplied
With their mum and dad. Source: Supplied

It was a shared diagnosis of body dysmorphia – a distorted sense of their own appearance – that led the identical twins to be prescribed antidepressants. One of the effects has been a drastic change of heart about their style.

"What we thought was pretty... we find ugly now!" the women, who share a fiancé, said. "We just want lips that are proportionate with our faces."

Anna and Lucy with their fiancé, Ben. Source: Instagram/annalucydecinque

"We look for flaws in each other every day," Lucy admitted.

The girls just want their old appearance back. Source: Instagram/annalucydecinque
Baby Anna and Lucy with their dad. Source: Supplied

Having spent thousands on breast implants, lip plumping injections, and permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing, the girls are now ready for a more low-key look.

"We haven't used fillers for two years now," Anna said.

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