Why your dog deserves a holiday too

Kristine Tarbert

Holidays are finally here for many of us, but while we get all excited for our time off, don’t forget to think about your little four-legged friend who might also need a getaway.

Aussie TV vet and pet travel expert Dr Katrina Warren, says taking your dog on a holiday can be important as you won’t be the only one benefiting from a break from the daily routine.

Here Katrina reveals to Be why your dog deserves a holiday as well.

Katrina Warren says you should take your dog on a holiday. Photo: Supplied

Family bonds
“These days our dogs are valued members of the family and we love to include them in all aspects of our lives,” she tells us.

“Most people hate leaving them when they ago away and miss them terribly. Taking them with you solves this problem.”

Less stress
“You don’t have the stress of leaving them in the care of others. Many people simply do not travel because they don’t want to leave their pets in a boarding kennel or at home with a pet sitter.”

Taking your dog with you is less stress for you both. Photo: Getty

Quality time
“The more quality time you spend with your pet, the closer your bond will be. Holidays are the perfect time to relax and have some fun with your dog and create special holiday memories.”

Go exploring
“Having your dog with you encourages you to get outdoors, exercise and explore new area,” Katrina says.

“Whether it is walking around the local town, running along a dog friendly beach or visiting a local dog park, having your dog by your side is a fun way to check out somewhere new.”

There are health benefits in it for everyone. Photo: Getty

Guard dog
“If you are travelling solo, having your dog with you can help you feel safe and they are also a great way to meet people as many people will stop to chat when you have a dog.”

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