Aussies are losing it over Cadbury Caramilk bars

Allison Yee

Chocolate lovers brace yourselves, there’s a new kid on the confectionary block and people are going crazy over it.

The Cadbury Caramilk, a combination of white chocolate and caramel, has sent sweet tooths into a frenzy after they briefly appeared on - and quickly disappeared off - Aussie supermarket shelves last week.

Demand for the chocolate has seen bars being flogged off on eBay, with the coveted blocks being sold for more than 10 times the retail price.

Love white chocolate? Love caramel? This bar is for you. Photo: Instagram/foodfindsgeelong
Desperate chocolate lovers have been flocking to eBay to get their fix. Photo:

The chocolate is made in New Zealand, and was first released 20 years ago before fading into oblivion.

Not surprisingly, the Twitterverse has gone into meltdown with people bragging about their haul and Kiwi’s raging at how they’re now subject to buying limits.

“When Cadbury Caramilk was brought back for a limited time in New Zealand last year, we saw Kiwis selling blocks online to Australian buyers for over $30 a block,” Everyday Chocolate Associate Director Paul Chatfield told the Courier Mail.

People are stockpiling Caramilk like crazy. Photo: Instagram/

“Given the demand from Aussie consumers, we’ve now brought a limited quantity to Australian retailers and feedback from the first stores to have the block on shelf is that they’re disappearing fast.

“We’d recommend Cadbury lovers get in quick before it disappears.”

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