'Are they bloody serious?' Zimmermann slammed for outrageously expensive dress

Bianca Soldani

How much would you spend on a dress you really love?

A couple of hundred dollars? Maybe even a thousand if it was for a truly special occasion? But what about $3,000?

That’s how much this lacy sun dress from Aussie designer Zimmermann is retailing for, and people cannot believe it.

Would you pay $3K for this dress? Photo: Facebook

After a thorough look, it’s hard to justify the eye-watering price tag.

Sure, it’s a pretty dress - it has billowing sheer sleeves and a layered skirt made of linen and ‘dot embroidered silk cotton’. It’s also been worn by actress Margot Robbie (to a Zimmermann party), which certainly raises its profile.

But that hasn’t stopped followers of the brand from hitting out on Facebook.

It's made of linen and silk cotton. Photo: Zimmermann

“Lol and I thought it was going to be affordable,” one person wrote, while a second suggested a $300 price would be more suitable.

“Unfortunately the price is not made for anyone on a student budget,” another said, “My heart breaks at the injustice of it all”.

A former employee of the label also commented on a photo of the dress, saying that she believes they mark up the cost of items “to position the brand at the right point in the market”.

Margot Robbie wore it to a Zimmermann party - so we highly doubt she paid for it. Photo: Getty

“If they priced them relative to what they cost to produce then it would cheapen the brand,” they added, “think they are wanting to sit alongside brands like Chloé or miu miu and that is what the customer is paying for.”

So what do you think, would you pay $3,000 for this dress?
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