Australian Idol's Cosima: 'Why I couldn't have a water birth'

Anita Lyons

Cosima De Vito is best known as second runner up on the very first season of Australian Idol in 2003, yet her greatest achievement was yet to come.

The ARIA award winner has become a mum, giving birth to baby girl, Amelia Maria De Romanis, on January 31.

While Amelia has been an absolute blessing for Cosima and husband, Gus De Romanis, the 41-year-year old admitted that the birth didn't go exactly to plan.

Cosima De Vito gave birth to daughter Amelia Maria De Romanis on January 31. Source: Instagram/cosimadevito

In an interview with Woman's Day, Cosima spoke about wanting a water birth, however, was unable to go through with it.

"I really wanted a water birth but I couldn't stand the feeling when I was submerged," she told the mag.

"It was horrible! I was really upset because I'd been building it up in my head for nine months."

Instead, during the natural birth, her husband held up a mirror, so that the couple could watch their daughter being born.

Cosima and her husband Gus on their wedding day in 2015. The couple were both able to watch the birth of their daughter, as Gus held up a mirror. Source: Instagram/cosimadevito

Before meeting her husband, Cosima had been single for 10 years and resigned to the fact that she would have to go through IVF to conceive, however, as fate would have it, Gus came along.

"I've always loved children and it's been on of my biggest dreams to have one of my own," she said in her interview.

"There was nothing that was ever going to stop me from giving birth!"

Cosima with her niece and nephew during Easter festivities last year. Source: Instagram/cosimadevito

Amelia is now three months old and loves when her (very) talented Mum sings to her.

"When she was in my tummy, I would sing to her everyday - and since she's been born, it's continued. Her face lights up and she smiles at me when she hears my voice."

So wonderful for Cosima and her little family!

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