Australian Model Erin Holland Goes Shopping With Polyvore's Jess Lee

Leah Cohen

Polyvore co-founder and CEO Jess Lee caught up with Australian model Erin Holland at the Australian launch of the fashion website on Tuesday to talk trends, "mini Anna Wintours" and shopping online.

Silicone valley "tech geek" Lee, who is in Australia to promote Polyvore's partnership with Yahoo7, took the former Miss Universe Australia through her paces on the site, showing her how to create a "set", shop her favourite styles and gain a worldwide following.

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Jess Lee, who admits to loving Manga comic books, coffee and of course fashion, has helped build Polyvore into becoming one of the world's most highly engaging e-commerce networks, where users can picks from clothes from such sites as Net-A-porter, Bergdorf Goodman, Topshop and Bloomingdales.

Jess Lee and Erin Holland at the Polyvore Australia media launch. Photo: Instagram
Jess Lee and Erin Holland at the Polyvore Australia media launch. Photo: Instagram

The site, which was created in 2007 and has been given the tag “Vogue meets Google”, is driven by an army of what Lee refers to as “mini Anna Wintours”, who create digital "sets" (which look just like clickable collages) of fashion, beauty, interiors and accessories, which users can then share with their legion of followers.

At the jam-packed Yahoo7 launch in Sydney on Tuesday morning, Lee, a "Super User" with over 13,000 Polyvore followers, spoke with model Erin Holland about bringing the fashion website to the Aussie market and showed just how easy it is to shop on it.

“It’s easy,” Lee says in the above video, as she drags a grey top onto a blank canvas.

Erin Holland's own Polyvore set. Photo: Polyvore

“It’s a one stop shop of all the products from all the different stores."

On the right panel, you can choose between different categories, each with items listed in order of popularity.

From here, the user can create their signature sets, which can be shared with their followers and friends.

Lee showing Holland how to use the shopping site.

According to Lee, the Australian market is predictably awash with Adidas Superstar trainers at the moment, so Lee adds that to her ‘Coachella’ themed style set.

“Then when you’re done, you can publish to your account or your social media channels,” she explains.

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We sense a new addiction coming on...

Watch the video above to see for yourself how easy it is to use Polyvore.

We’ll see you over there!