Inside the naked yoga class that improves your sex life

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There’s one rule in Rosie Rees’s yoga classes; you leave your clothes at the door.

The Aussie instructor is leading a nude revolution by teaching hundreds of women to bare all and practice yoga in the buff.

The 30-year-old from Perth hatched the idea when she moved in with a nudist, and claims her uniquely intimate brand of yoga helps attendees relieve stress, develop a positive body image and even improve their sex lives by helping them embrace their imperfections.

Rosie says her all-female classes help women strengthen their relationships and sex lives. Photo: Caters

"When I first tried to do yoga practice without clothes – first in my bedroom and then in the backyard – I was shocked at how critical and judgmental about my body I was,” Rosie, who is also a relationship coach, says.

"I didn't like the various scars on my body, rolls of fat on my belly and I noticed all the cellulite. But I also felt liberated and free.

"As my practice progressed, I felt a lot more present with myself.”

The process helped her become more at one with her body and reassess her relationship with herself.

She was able to get more in touch with her body through the practice. Photo: Caters

“I began loving my body as it was, became more accepting and comfortable, began seeing any imperfections as unique parts of me,” she says.

"Naked yoga is not just yoga, it's a spiritual journey. Yoga only releases stress, but naked yoga digs deeper into our souls.

"It takes courage to come to a naked yoga class, but that courage translates to better relationships at work, with family and most importantly, with oneself.”

She explains that when women are able to accept and love their naked bodies for what they are, it impacts on their relationship with their partners.

Her classes have been hugely popular. Photo: Caters

Rosie started her career in finance but after feeling stressed and realising she was eating, drinking and smoking more than she wanted to be to cope, she made a change.

After an eye-opening yoga retreat in India, she became vegetarian, quit her job and started relationship counselling and teaching yoga.

She hopes that through her classes, she can desexualise nudity and help women overcome their body image issues.

More and more women have joined Rosie's naked yoga revolution, and in the past three years she has run hundreds of successful workshops across Australia.

She has even been invited to the Naked in Motion studio in New York later this year to bring her unique brand of yoga to the US.

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