The Bondi version of Yeezy is here and it’s oh-so-luxe

Carly Williams

If you love the chic bomber jackets and the luxe everyday wardrobe items from Kaye West’s Yeezy, the latest bits from Ten Pieces will be right up your alley.

The Disco SottaSopra collection by Ten Pieces is the Bondi version of Yeezy and the apparel staples are impressive.

'All black everythang' is a Yeezy staple look - but you'll also get the same chic look from Ten Pieces. Photo: Getty/Ten Pieces

Maurice Terzini (of Sydney’s Icebergs restaurant) and Lucy Hinckfuss’ latest collection launches this Friday in the most Bondi way ever…

The Sydney duo will launch a pop-up store with pieces all hand numbered and limited, down at Bondi Beach.

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“We want to concentrate on doing smaller and more experimental ranges that are closer to one off rather than one in a million,” Maurice says.

“We feel like it’s much more appealing to wear clothing that has an artisan feel about it.”

Over-sized cameo? nailed. it. Photo: Yeezy/Tem Pieces

There’s no doubt there’s a similarity between the oversized cameo jackets by Maurice and those by Kanye. Both brands boast a lavish aesthetic when it comes to an over-sized knit or track pant.

But Ten Pieces is undeniably Australian, and as Maurice puts it 'one off rather than one in a million.'

“This collection has all been hand customised in Australia which gives it a really personal feel," Maurice explained.

By showcasing a limited-edition range of customized dead-stock military pieces, the brand is saying 'no' to fast fashion and putting sustainability first. The collection features the “Unity” slide which is handmade from recycled rubber. Talk about green.

Ten Pieces is a sustainable fashion brand. Their 'Unity' slides are handmade in Australia with recycled rubber. Photo: Yeezy/Ten Pieces

Now it’s Kanye’s turn to think of the environment!

The Disco SottaSopra guerilla store in Bondi is open Friday 16th of February, seven days a week until sold out.

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