The incredible moment baby hears mum's voice for the first time

Sarah Carty

This is the heartwarming moment a baby girl heard her mum’s voice for the first time.

The adorable tot, who is from Norfolk, Virginia, can be seen in the video reacting to the different noises she’s hearing.

In an emotionally charged exchange between mum and baby, the girl’s mother says “I love you”, over-and-over before she breaks into a smile.

“I’ve never seen that face before,” the mumcan be heard saying, before asking the baby: “Are you emotional?”

This is the incredible moment a baby hears her mother's voice for the first time. Photo: Jukin Media
The little girl goes through a whole range of emotions in the video. Photo: Jukin Media
She eventually breaks out into a smile as she stares up at her mother. Photo: Jukin Media

The mum then goes on to say that by the looks of things her baby is going to be as emotional as her mother.

The baby can then be seen making a whole host of different faces, ranging from pure joy, to confusion and then awe at her mother’s voice.

Watch the amazing video above.

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