Baby filmed speaking first words at three months

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This is the adorable moment a baby stunned his parents by saying his first word – at just 12 weeks old.

Little Jenson Webster can be heard repeating the word "hello" to his shocked dad Tom in the heart-warming video filmed by proud mum Laura.

Tom, 28, had been lying next to his young son after giving him a feed at the couple's home in Leicester, in the UK.

Little Jenson Webster spoke his first words – on camera – at just 12 weeks old. Source: Mega

He can seen asking the giggling three-month-old tot to say "hello" before Jenson repeats it back after a minute – much to Tom's astonishment.

"Get out. That's got to be a fluke," a wide-eyed Tom then exclaims, in a priceless reaction captured by wife Laura.

'Hello!' baby Jenson's an early overachiever. Source: Mega

Laura, 26, uploaded footage of the cute moment to Facebook where it has since gone viral and been shared and watched thousands of times.

"It was an amazing moment," Laura, a former entertainer, said. "We couldn't believe what we were hearing.

“It was the first word we asked him to repeat, as a joke we would say ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ but he started to sound out the letter ‘L’ so we changed it to ‘hello’.

“We talk and sign to Jenson all the time, we try to get him to copy our words and film him for the memories.

“It was the first time he had said something with two syllables – it was a moment to treasure and I was delighted I got it on film."

The adorable baby's parents Tom and Laura weren't expecting him to be verbal so early. Source: Mega

When they woke up that morning, Jenson starting to talk was the last thing they expected.

“It happened on Sunday at around eight in the morning," Laura explained.

“We got him up, changed him and then gave him is bottle for feeding and after he was just sitting on the sofa with Tom, we just started to say hello to him and he said it back.

“He has said it a few more times since, he’s a bit of a poser whenever there is a camera about and he’s quite advanced for his age.”

'He's quite advanced for his age,' says Jenson's mum, Laura. Source: Mega

Laura said the couple started communicating with Jenson in normal English rather than baby talk as they had no idea at what age babies were supposed to start talking.

"With Jenson being our first child, we didn't really know when he was supposed to start talking so we just chat to him normally," the mum-of-one said.

"I do wonder whether that has anything to do with it but I'm so proud of him. Every first for a baby is a moment to treasure, so that’s why we film him to capture all these moments.

“I never expected the reaction I got when I posted the video on social media, I was really surprised, it’s been great to share this moment with others too."

Baby Jenson is cute as a button. Source: Mega

Tiny Jenson is also already a major Disney fan.

“Jenson just loves Disney films, he loves the bright colours and all the songs – me and my husband are both guitarist, so when I was pregnant, we used to play to him and sing too," Laura said.

“Even when we play to him now he just loves it, a bright beaming smile just appears over his face.

“I’d like Jenson to try everything he wants to and really just for him to be happy in the future.”

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