Bachelor In Paradise promo teases 'three shock exits'

Eliza Velk

It seems another drama filled day in paradise is looming that will end in not only one but THREE people leaving the show tonight.

In the latest preview for Bachelor in Paradise, tears are flowing, people are agitated and jaws are dropping as we are promised to see three shock exits from the island.

Yep, the storm clouds are brewing and as the voiceover teases, "Who will walk out?"

Our bets are that either Elora or Michael will be in mix of shock exits tonight. Source: Ten

So naturally, now we're all freaking out as to who it could be?

And our radars are pointing towards Michael who's struggled to find a meaningful connection on the show.

In the preview, the 37-year-old heartthrob is heavily featured and looked agitated while saying: "I'm a sparks and fireworks kind of guy."

Could Michael be the one to make a shock exit? Source: Ten

And we all know that despite his attempts with other girls, poor Michael has only had eyes for Lisa Hyde, who is locked into a relationship with Luke Mcleod.

New Weekly also reported this month that the 37-year-old would make a shock exit from the series.

"He had a major meltdown and just has enough," the publication reported an insider as saying, adding he gets 'fed up' with all the drama.

"He felt he deserved better, so he packed his sh*t and stormed out," the source said.

But then if it was to be Michael that leaves, why does the promo then cut to Luke getting all teared up?

Could it be Luke that leaves, taking Lisa with him? Source: Ten

Could it be that Luke instead decides to leave the show, bringing love interest Lisa with him?

So many questions, so little answers...

Then we have Tahitian goddess Elora, who made it no secret that she came to paradise for one reason and one reason only... Apollo.

And of course things got awkward when her good friend Simone got to him first and landed herself a date with the muscular magician.

Simone caught eyes of Apollo leaving Elora on the sidelines. Source: Ten

So now tonights promo shows Elora in tears saying, "I've had the worst experience," before it cuts to her walking out with her hand up to block the cameras.

This is not a good sign...

Elora is shown to walk away with her hands blocking the cameras. Source: Ten

I'm sure no matter what happens tonight we'll all be trying to hold in our emotions just as Tara did in this iconic scene.

Judging from the promo this will be us tonight. Source: Ten

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