The Bachelor mansion compared to "prison camp"

Amy Stevenson

The girls of The Bachelor seem to have a pretty sweet deal. Get glammed up, flirt and try and win the heart of Richie Strahan all while living in a luxury mansion.

But according to New Idea reports, life inside the Bachelor compound isn't what it's cracked up to be, with sources comparing the beauties living conditions compared to that of a "prison camp".

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Life in the Bachelor mansion isn't fun and games for the girls. Source: Network Ten

Seems bit extreme considering it's a sprawling mansion just outside Sydney...

The magazine reports the girls were given a $630 weekly allowance, had monitored 15 minute phone calls to loved ones twice a month and the tough filming schedule meant night shoots would wrap up not long before the morning wake-up call.

And while the cocktail parties look glamourous on the show, insiders say many struggled with them most.

The beauties struggled through the cocktail parties. Source: Network Ten

"One particular night went to 6am, but hardly any wrapped before 4am," a source told New Idea. "Then the girls would be woken up to do another 10 hours of interviews about what had happened and who had been sent packing."

There's also apparently strict rules on what can be discussed, with "current news events, Richie's frame of mind, their fellow contestants and their own private lives" off limits.

And if you thought the reality show was a genuine chance at finding love, think again.

The report also revealed that when one of the Bachie babes said she felt nothing for Mr Cool Bananas she was "advised to fake chemistry on awkward dates rather than leave the show".

So there you have it, apparently the search for love isn't as easy as they make it out to be.

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The sprawling estate is an hour out of Sydney. Source: Network Ten

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