The Bachelor's Laura slammed as 'cold and fame hungry'

Natasha Lee

She’s the hot favourite to win Matty J’s heart on The Bachelor.

But are Laura Byrne’s intentions not quite as romantic as they seem?

Laura poses with her dog during a single date with Matty J. Source: Channel Ten

Well, according to a ‘well-placed’ source Laura is more interested in self-promotion than finding the love of her life.

Speaking to the Daily Mail the unnamed source claims the Sydney-based jewellery designer is only on the show to “plug her company”.

Laura is currently the favourite to win Matty J's heart on The Bachelor. Source: Channel Ten

“She is snobby, at times rude, and very short with people. She is a smart woman, but cold and calculating,” the source continued.

The source added that while the other girls were “warm and polite to wait-staff, Laura rarely said ‘thank you’”.

Since being on the show Laura has even employed the talents of one of her fellow contestants, Florence, to model her jewellery line.

Florence strikes a pose with some of Laura's creations. Source: Instagram

But Laura isn’t the only one who’s on the show for the fame, according to the source.

The spy went on to reveal that Matty is just as “fame hungry” and that he and Laura know how to “give the producers what they want”.

The pair have already been on a number of single dates together. Source: Network Ten

The latest revelations comes days after Woman’s Day claimed Matty and Laura had made a “secret pact” before the show began that would ensure Laura “made it to the finals”.

The pair allegedly began dating just as Matty found out he’d been chosen as the new bachelor.

The couple on a date where they visited a psychic - which, according to Woman's Day, they didn't even need. Source: Network Ten

But instead of breaking things off, they decided to make an arrangement that would see Matty take Laura to the finals and allow the couple to reap the benefits of fame in the process.

According to an unnamed source: “Matty couldn’t pull out [of The Bachelor] because he was under contract and it stated that he wasn’t allowed to date in the lead up to the show but agreed it would be good for their future if they went along with it.”

According to the publication Elise and Tara were left 'fuming' when they learned about the pact. Source: Network Ten

Fellow finalists – Tara Pavlovic and Elise Stacy – were reportedly left fuming when they found out about the secret.

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