Bachelor’s Natalie talks dating girls from the show

Olivia Morris

She was her complete self on the show from the beginning and even jumped out of a plane on the group date to impress Matty J.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as Natalie Holmberg was the eighth contestant to leave the Bachelor mansion on Thursday night.

Natalie was the eighth girl to be eliminated from the mansion, but did any of the girls take her fancy? Source: Channel 10
Natalie wasn't the one for Matty J. Source: Channel 10

Even though she made quite first impression on Matty after she told him she had just gotten out of a relationship with a woman.

On this season’s premiere Nat said: "I'm not gonna say he turned me straight again, but in some ways it turned me straight again."

Since the 26-year-old didn’t win Matty’s heart would she consider following in the footsteps of Megan and Tiffany by exploring a relationship with one of the girls from the house?

Nat said she wasn't interested romantically in any of the girls in the house. Source: Channel 10

“No! Because, from the bottom of my heart, the girl I dated is the only girl I’ve ever liked,” she told Be.

But she did admit: “Would I like another girl in the future? Maybe.”

Nat also told Be she regretted saying Matty turned her straight again.

She said she regretted saying Matty turned her 'straight again'. Source: Channel 10

“That was silly of me. Because the reason I broke up with [my ex-girlfriend] was because she was a woman because my heart still felt like it was with men. It wasn’t because [Matty] turned me straight,” she said.

One thing Nat was praised for on the show was being herself but she did feel like there were some girls that put an act on.

“I think people definitely had their on-camera personas and off-camera personas… But what is being portrayed [on the show] is quite true to life really. What you’re seeing is what you’re getting which is pretty scary because it’s pretty crazy!” she explained.

And when Be asked if she found Leah and Jen quite manipulative she said: “Yeah definitely. I think Leah less so than Jen.”

Nat wasn't a fan of Jen. Source: Channel Ten

On Thursday’s show Jen slated Nat on camera saying she was “bogan, bogan, bogan”.

The South Australia native said she “didn’t appreciate things [Jen] said off-camera and on-camera” about her.

Two people Nat had a lot of love for and who she was rooting for was Tara and Lisa.

Nat had a lot of love for Tara. Source: Channel 10
She also thought Lisa was a definite favourite. Source: Channel 10

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“They’re both such chillers and such lovely people. Yeah, I’m rooting for Lisa or Tara.”

We’ll miss your candidness on the show, Nat!

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