Tara slams Matty: 'I didn't even like him'

Natasha Lee

Hell hath no fury like a Bachelor contestant scorned.

Case in point: Tara Pavlovic.

Tara, our hearts bleed for you. Source: Channel Ten

Australia’s newest sweetheart was left broken hearted after getting the old heave-ho from Matty J last night.

Fans were pretty disgusted with many taking to social media to blast Matty over his poor decision.

Now Tara has added her voice to the chorus of haters, telling TV Week she “really couldn’t give a s**t about Matty”.

“I was never in love with him, so I was fine as soon as I didn’t get a rose. Actually, he looked more upset than me,” she said.

Tara at the rose ceremony. Source: Channel Ten

Despite her shrug it off attitude, Tara appeared relatively invested in her relationship with Matty before her elimination.

While on their final date, the nanny told the marketing manager that she “really, really” liked him and that she “wanted to be the last girl standing”.

Despite claims she never liked Matty, Tara appeared forlorn after the rose ceremony. Source: Channel Ten

But according t the publication Tara is totally over the romance, saying: “It was pretty easy to get over – I didn’t even think about him as soon as I left the mansion.”

Tara and Matty enjoying their seafood meal. Source: Channel Ten

The Queenslander's also kept up the humour that's endeared her to so many Australians, taking to her Instagram to post a photo of her and Matty eating seafood with wine and cheese with the caption: "May not have got the man... but I'm still heaps stoked about the free soft cheese and prawns he fed me. Would have cost like $30 at the supermarket. Thanks for all the free feeds mate. All the best".

Never change, Tara.

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