Sophie Monk gushes about Stu Laundy on social media

Olivia Morris

Sophie Monk has finally been able to declare her love for Stu Laundy on The Bachelorette, undoubtedly leaving "stage five clinger" Jarrod Woodgate devastated.

The 37-year-old was glad she could finally go public with her new beau Stu.

She took to Instagram posting a sweet photo with the 44-year-old publican captioned: "Finally WE can walk down the street and go to the supermarket."

Both Sophie and Stu posted this photo on social media to declare their love for one another following the Bachelorette finale. Source: Channel 10

Stu posted the same photo with a series of love heart emojis clearly overjoyed Sophie chose him.

And you can always count on fans taking to social media to deliver some brilliant reactions to the finale.

Graciously, many have come out in support of Jarrod and his inability to grow his love with Sophie along with their matching pot plants.

Sympathetic whizz anyone?

Maybe support is a bit of a strong word...

Yes, let's put our pot plants out in remembrance of Jarrod.

And apparently Sophie should have actually said to Stu to get his vasectomy reversed and to get an actual divorce.

Stu's brother, Craig Laundy even roasted him a little bit. Ouch.

Some reckon Jarrod will be lurking in the shadows on Stu and Sophie's honeymoon.

That might be a bit much, even for Jarrod.

Anyway, congratulations to Sophie and Stu.

Awww. It really is love. Source: Channel 10
Aw. Sorry, Jarrod. You'll find someone with the same love for pot plants as you. Source: Channel 10

And we're sorry Jarrod we enjoyed your pot planting and your "stage five clinging" even though it didn't pay off.

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