Stu Laundy 'obsessed' with Sophie Monk

Amy Stevenson

He's rumoured to be the hot favourite to steal Sophie Monk's heart even though he hasn't officially entered The Bachelorette mansion yet, but has Stu Laundy always had his eye on the prize?

While he's set to make his entrance on the reality show this week, insiders claim the 44-year-old has been "obsessed" with Sophie "for years" and he even ended a relationship so he could go and woo the reality TV star after a friend pulled out and suggested Stu take the chance to find love.

Bachelorette favourite Stu Laundy reportedly had his eye on Sophie for quite some time. Source: Instagram
Did the hopeful ditch someone else for Sophie? Source: Channel 10

"He (Stu's friend) considered it, but ended up deciding not to go through with it, but he knew the right guy... The mate suggested that the producers approach Stu," the source told The Daily Telegraph.

The source adds that Stu was "casually dating" Channel Nine presenter Samantha Heathwood, but abruptly ended the relationship when the opportunity presented itself to go on the show.

"He went silent on her, then the next thing he was on the show," the insider added.

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Stu and Samantha previously dated, but the presenter denies she was blindsided by his decision. Source: Channel 9
The multimillionaire is set to appear on the reality show this week. Source: Facebook
Does Stu win Sophie's heart? Source: Instagram

However Samantha refutes the claims, telling Daily Mail Australia that she wasn't "blindsided" by the hotel mogul's decision to go on the show, and that their relationship was over by that time.

"I definitely wasn't blindsided by Stu's decision to join it - we talked about it before it happened. We were NOT 'casually dating' at all," Samantha told the outlet before adding: "Stu and I saw each other in early 2016 but that is ancient history now."

Stu is set to shake up The Bachelorette, joining three other men as intruders as they fight to win the heart of the former Bardot singer, along with the original guys vying for Sophie's affections.

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