Bachelorette's Blake bares his butt

Natasha Lee

There was a full moon on last night’s Bachelorette, but viewers didn’t need to turn their eyes skyward to see it.

The view was provided by contestant Blake Colman who showed off his pert posterior during a photo shoot with Bachelorette Sophie Monk.

Sophie seemed pretty happy with her choice. Source: Network Ten
The pair got VERY cosy during the shoot. Source: Network Ten

The Adam and Eve styled shoot featured Sophie and Blake dressed only in their birthday suits with some carefully placed foliage to maintain their modesty.

The episode featured a special appearance by Blake's butt. Source: Network Ten

Blake, 29, was more than happy to strip down for the shoot, saying that he “loves to get naked”.

“I try hard to keep fit. Sophie will enjoy what she sees,” he said.

Blake was happy to get naked. Like, really happy. Source: Network Ten

And he was right. Sophie seemed to thoroughly enjoy the shoot, calling it “the hottest thing ever”.

At one point the former pop star could be seen blushing at Blake’s shirtless body calling it “awesome”.

Sophie was more than happy for Blake to get naked. Source: Network Ten

During the shoot the pair were encouraged by the cameraman to get closer and closer together and at one point appeared to go in for the kiss.

The atmosphere was a little spoiled though thanks to the other suitors who watched on from the sidelines.

The pair very nearly kissed, but the other suitors threw them off. Source: Network Ten

Blake later told producers he wasn’t happy with their spying, saying: “The boys should not have come out and watched me.”

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