Is this the moment Sophie realised Stu was 'The One'?

Olivia Morris

Falling in love in front of the whole of Australia must be difficult and Stu Laundy definitely kept his cards close to his chest on The Bachelorette.

But he pulled out all the stops at just the right time on the final single date with Sophie Monk finally declaring his love for her.

Stu poured his heart out to Sophie. Source: Channel 10

It looks like in the clip above that is the moment that proved to the 37-year-old that Stu was the one for her.

With some very heavy breathing going on and a few tears Stu tells Sophie: "I'm in love with you."

It looks like that was exactly what she was wanting to hear as the self-confessed bogan was left speechless.

It looks like that was exactly what Sophie was wanting to hear. Source: Channel 10
The 37-year-old was left speechless. Source: Channel 10

The 44-year-old publican goes on to confess going on the show was "the best thing [he's] done in a while" and that Sophie was his "best friend."

The pair then shared a passionate kiss. Source: Channel 10

Sophie went on the show to find true love, and that's exactly what she did.

Both Sophie and Stu posted this photo on social media to declare their love for one another following the Bachelorette finale. Source: Channel 10

Congratulations to both Stu and Sophie!

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